SPOTLIGHT: Timeflies

I’m not usually a fan of many “underground” or independent label groups but damn do these kids have something special.  You probably don’t know who Timeflies is but you should.  I stumbled upon some of their music a while back and have been thoroughly impressed.  Not only is the quality of their music comparable to those who have been in the industry for years but the lyrics are genuinely catchy.

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The group consists of 23 year-old “Cal” (vocalist) and 22-year old “Rez” (producer).  They met in college and have been making music ever since.  What makes them unique is that they don’t really fit into any one genre.  All of their songs have elements of rap, pop, dance, electronic.  They’re blended so well it just works.

Above is a video from their “Timeflies Tuesday” collection.  Every Tuesday they release a new track, and it’s not just some BS they scrapped together.  These are songs that are album worthy.

Check out more from Timeflies on their YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook.

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